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 What's New at Snap-tite Quick Disconnect Couplings & Hydraulic Valves?
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What's New at
Snap-tite Quick Disconnect Couplings & Hydraulic Valves?

LATEST NEWS... April 3, 2012

Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, announces that it has acquired Snap-tite Incorporated of Erie, PA. Snap-tite is a manufacturer of innovative high-pressure fluid power components for oil and gas, industrial and research markets. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Snap-tite has annual sales of approximately $100 million and employs 500 people. The company has operations in Erie, PA; Union City, PA; Houston, TX; and Wexford, Ireland. The acquired company will be integrated into Parker's Instrumentation and Fluid Connector Groups, both of which are included in the Industrial Segment. Approximately 64% of the sales will be reported as North America Industrial and 36% reported as International.

"This acquisition will allow us to extend our leadership position in fluid power and process control markets," says John Greco, President of Parker's Instrumentation Group. "Snap-tite has built a strong reputation particularly in the oil and gas and industrial fluid power markets, which are strategic markets for Parker. By acquiring Snap-tite we have expanded our offering into high pressure applications allowing us now to offer customers a broad suite of solutions across the spectrum of vacuum and pressure connections. The acquired product lines also help Parker fill some important niche product gaps within our fluid power markets. We are excited to welcome the Snap-tite employees to the Parker family and anticipate that our combined strengths will make for a compelling offering for our customers."

John Clark, President and CEO of Snap-tite, says, "As a third generation family business, we are proud of the accomplishments of everyone involved in growing Snap-tite from its inception in 1935 until today. We are pleased to be able to hand over stewardship of this legacy to Parker and are confident in the growth opportunities which will be created within their decentralized and entrepreneurial business culture."

 “Fire Safe” Coupling Approved for use in Canada and on Offshore Oil & Gas platforms
75 Series

UNION CITY, July 1, 2007 - Snap-tite’s Quick Disconnect & Valve Division announces the release of a Lloyd’s Register certified “FIRE-SAFE” version of 75 Series Screw-to-Connect Quick Disconnect Coupling. It is approved for use on Blow-Out Prevention (BOP) Circuits used in the Oil and Gas Industry. This third-party certification (Lloyd’s Register Certificate NAO 0701023/1) verifies that this product meets the standards of API 16D and the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board - EUB Directive #36. These units were tested at 700°C (1300°F) fire exposure for 5 minutes at full operating pressure without loss of pressure or leakage.

The “FIRE-SAFE” rating has become a requirement for couplings used in BOP circuits in Western Canada and is being requested by oil and gas production companies throughout North America and other parts of the world. The design ensures that the coupling will maintain seal integrity during a short term fire to prevent spillage of a potential fuel source.

The -DBP “Fire Safe” option is available in ¾”, 1”, & 1 ¼” Steel units. Consult factory for additional material or size options.

Please refer to bulletin “01-0001BE-0607” titled: 75 Series Thread-to-Connect Couplings, for additional information.

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Snap-tite's Offers ROHS compliant plating in Yellow…

Product Information

Recently there has been much discussion about the European Union Directive 2002/95/EC which restricts the use of hazardous substances like Hexavalent Chromium. Snap-tite’s Zinc Chromate steel plating is not only ROHS compliant, but it still offers that same yellow color that you are accustomed to receiving on your product. There is no need to change to clear to stay compliant with us.

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Snap-tite's CP74 Quick Disconnect Coupling Solves Thermal Expansion Issues

The sun and the heat it generates is a source of life and energy for our planet. It's also the source of many headaches for the hydraulic engineer, one of them being thermal expansion.

While construction and utility equipment manufacturers experience the brunt of the sun's effects, manufacturers of skid-steer loaders may have the toughest challenge of all. Often, thermal expansion creates pressures of over 2000 psi, preventing standard quick connect couplings from connecting as designed. Compounding this issue was the decision made long ago to "key" the proper hose connections by using both a coupler and nipple on both the loader and attachment.

Herein lies the problem, to easily connect an attachment containing trapped pressure due to thermal expansion, both the nipple (male half) and the coupler (female half) would be required to connect while under pressure. Presently, users must remove or otherwise manipulate the coupling's valve to relieve the pressure, defeating the purpose of using a quick disconnect in the first place. Why should the user be forced to manually relieve the pressure and possibly damage the coupling, or endanger the environment with the subsequent spillage?

As if these demands weren't tough enough, the industry also mandated that they design a coupling that meets ISO-16028, an international specification for interchangeable, push-to-connect, dry break couplings.

Patented Design
Using the latest 3-D modeling software, Snap-tite's engineers designed and patented the Series CP74 coupling. While being able to connect to any manufacturers' ISO-16028 compatible design, either the nipple or coupler will connect to static pressures of up to 3625 psi.

The CP74 solution saves time, prevents damage and protects the environment while maintaining the interchangeable criterion of ISO-16028.


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